The Art of the Piano festival brings together the world’s most celebrated faculty instructors, a class of future master pianists, and audiences of music lovers for three weeks of performances, classes, and a shared passion for the piano. 

A Festival Inspired By The Masterclasses of Franz Liszt 

Composer Franz Liszt hosted masterclasses in which pianists would gather to watch and listen as Liszt taught one student at a time. It is in that spirit that Awadagin Pratt founded the Art of the Piano annual festival. It is his vision to recreate an environment where expert-level artists can work to build the profile and artistry of talented, budding players.


Think of it as an old fashioned radio show where Awadagin opines on possibly any and everything. So far he has discussed a bit about Beethoven, BIA, (Black in America), and now “Words on Fire”–a show about Words, Music, and Fire. Every episode is organized in a different format, and will come out so far–at least in Covid-times–… quarterly 🙂

Recent News

Art of the Piano 2021

Art of the Piano 2021

Welcome to Art of the Piano 2021! This year: New Directions   We’re excited to preview our live 2022 season virtually this year.  The 2022 festival will feature a lot of new directions in music, exploring a greater range of pianistic styles with people who are...

Call for AoP Alums

If you've participated in Art of the Piano, we'd like to hear from you! If you've participated as a Young Artist in the Art of the Piano festival, we'd like to hear from you!  Any great AoP memories you'd like to share?  What are the latest and greatest things you've...

Ties that Bind

Ties that Bind

Dear Friends of the Art of the Piano, I hope the season finds you well. The leaves fluttering; sometimes rising, and all eventually falling, seem to be a metaphor for the moment which at times finds us feeling helpless. However, as always, this too shall pass. On the...

Art of the Piano is a festival created to raise the level of artistry for young pianists.  It’s a platform for them to work with the world’s leading artists and teachers, to perfect recital and competition repertoire.  Art of the Piano is a fantastic place to be inspired, learn new ideas, go home a better musician.

~Awadagin Pratt


“You can’t see music as it passes through the air.  You can’t grasp it and hold on to it.  You can’t smell it. You can’t taste it.  But it has a most powerful effect on most people.  And that is a wondrous thing to contemplate.”

- Leon Fleisher

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