About Art of the Piano Festival

Inspired by the generous masterclasses of Franz Liszt.

Art of the Piano is an intense + intimate festival created and led by pianist Awadagin Pratt.

What if you could learn from today’s top pianists?

What if you could talk outside the classroom, ask them anything?

What if you could have access to all of them in one place?

What…if it were free?

A rigorous but supportive environment, inspired by the generous masterclasses of Franz Liszt.

This festival is designed to raise your level of music making and piano playing. I have chosen great artists and pedagogues to help you achieve these goals.

This is an intense program, but exposure to high-caliber musicians + teachers is inspiring and will stay with you for a lifetime.

It’s a platform for you to perfect your recital and competition repertoire, and to have a quiet, beautiful place to apply all that you’re learning at the keyboard. Being an all-masterclass festival, your success depends on your playing and most attentive listening.

Almost all the days have only two events – either two classes, or a class + a recital. This gives ample opportunity for practice and preparation.

In addition to classes and recitals, there are gatherings with the faculty. A general openness is fostered in an exceptionally supportive environment.

Enlight Prize

An Enlight Prize of $3000.00, together with a recital on the 2019-2020 Salon 21 Series will go to the pianist who most embodies the spirit of the festival in terms of the beauty and brilliance of their playing , as well as their generosity of spirit. A runner up will also be selected, with a prize of $1500.

We are inspired by the level of talent this festival attracts. Because of my strong belief in educating and lifting up talented young pianists, this festival is free.

The remarkably generous donors at the Art of the Piano Foundation are making this possible, so all you have to worry about is showing up and playing your best.

I look forward to hearing your audition.

–Awadagin Pratt

Awadagin Pratt

“What’s amazing for the students is that they’ll have worked with all these different faculty, each with their own point of view. They’ve got all sorts of important, and–in some cases–life-changing, feedback from our faculty.”

Spots are limited to 30 exceptionally talented pianists 15 and older.**

2020 Festival | May 25 – June 15
University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

  • Learn from the world’s top teachers + performers.
  • Perform in 3 masterclasses
  • World-renowned artists in recital
  • Two, 2-hour masterclasses daily; faculty recitals on weekends and some evenings
  • Student recitals
  • Talk with faculty at small gatherings
  • Use of excellent Hamburg or New York Steinway for masterclasses
  • Unlimited access to excellent practice facilities at an all-Steinway school
  • Learn about + discuss every facet of beginning your career, whether as performer or pedagogue

“I learned a lot during the intense 2 weeks…I realized that I have much to learn in music.”

Bryan Ho
Art of the Piano Participant

Just so we’re playing from the same edition:

*Housing cost is covered for festival participants only, in a shared-room, on-campus, festival-provided setting. Housing for minors’ required chaperones, private rooms, or off-campus housing is at your own expense.

**minors staying on campus must be accompanied by a chaperone. A minor is anyone under 18 years of age during the festival.

We prefer to have all attendees participate in the entire festival. However, if you’re able to attend only a portion of the festival, under certain circumstances, exceptions can be made.

Faculty and other aspects of the festival subject to change.

More questions? Go to FAQs.

Faculty Artists

International superstars in recital and masterclass.

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