Participants FAQ
Can I come late/leave early/be gone during the festival?

We prefer that all attendees participate in the entire festival.

However, if you’re only able to attend a portion of the festival – under certain circumstances – exceptions can be made.

Important: we do not provide housing when you aren’t in attendance at the festival. This means you must either 1. check out of your housing for any days you’re not attending or 2. pay your housing for the days/nights you’re not in attendance. If you’re not sure what this means or how this works, shoot us an email.

Can I have a private lesson? Are there private lessons?

No. Anything else?

Okay, to be serious: all of the lessons in this festival are open format, so that everyone can benefit. Private lessons aren’t offered.

How do I get from the airport to campus?

Before the festival starts, we’ll send out a teacher preference survey.

Prof. Pratt does his best to accommodate everyone’s requests.  But obviously if everyone requests the same person, it’s impossible to make that happen.  So the assignments are ultimately at Prof. Pratt’s discretion.

How do I get from the airport to campus?

We do not provide airport transport to students.

However, Cincinnati has Lyft and Uber, as well as several taxi companies. There is also Executive Transportation, which can be reserved in advance, for about the same cost as a taxi, or around $40 (one-way).

Executive Transportations numbers are:

Toll Free: 888-597-2648
Local: 859-757-2628

Sometimes Lyft and Uber have plenty of drivers close to the airport, and sometimes there are none. If you absolutely want to know that you have a ride, you should consider reserving through Executive Transportation. You can also book a ride through Executive Transportation through the ground transportation desk in the baggage area at CVG.

Click here for more information on ground transportation from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.

I’m a minor and need to have a chaperone with me. How much does it cost for a chaperone to stay in the dorm?

The approximate cost is $30/night/person for a shared room. This cost varies based on which dorm you stay in.

Are there hotels near campus for visitors + guests?

Yes! There are several nice hotels within walking distance of CCM:

Kingsgate Marriott:

Hampton Inn:


Fairfield is the closest/easiest to walk from, followed by Hampton Inn and then Kingsgate (though Kingsgate has a free shuttle). Fairfield is closer to restaurants, as is Hampton. Kingsgate is the only one with room service.

What is the age limit?

This festival is open to pianists 15 and older.  There is no upper age limit.

Are there any other costs I should know about?

You will need money for:

  • food (more on that here)
  • getting off campus, if you want to a practice room key deposit (payable in advance via credit card, and refunded when/if you return your key)
  • getting to campus/back to the airport (more on that here)
  • access to the Rec Center (app. $10/week – you pay/reserve when you book your housing)
  • parking, if you’re driving to the festival (contact us if this is the case – parking fees vary wildly and we can help you get a cheaper pass)
  • getting yourself to Cincinnati/CCM, however that may be

    Important: we only pay for your housing when you are actively participating/on campus. If you leave campus overnight during the festival (to play a gig, for example), you’ll either need to check out of your housing, or pay for those nights out of your own pocket.

Will I be housed with other festival participants?

Yes, we keep all the festival participants together. If you have a roommate preference, you can submit that when you set up your housing.

With the housing we currently have booked, if you are traveling with more than one chaperone, you may need to stay in a different dorm than the rest of the group. If this applies to you, contact us and we’ll work with you to find the best solution.

Can I arrive early/stay late?

The festival will only cover your housing during the designated festival check-in and check-out dates. If you want to come early or stay late, it’s possible, but you’ll be responsible for the cost – approximately $30/night/person for a shared room.

You’ll need to work directly with UC Housing to book early check-in or late departure.

Once you’re accepted to the program, we’ll send you a booking link and contact information for UC Housing/UC Conferences & Events.

Can I have my own room?

With the housing we currently have booked for Art of the Piano students, you will have your own room.

However, should we need to change dorms for some reason (and right now we see no reason that this would happen), the possibility exists that you would have to share a room, in which case you would need to pay to have a room to yourself. The cost for that would be approximately $30/night.

What is the housing like?

We provide on-campus housing in a suite-style dorm. What we currently have booked is the CRC Dorm, which is above the rec center (please note that – while unlikely – this could change). To take a little tour of these dorms, click here. Campus Recreation Center Hall offers suite-style units with 2 single bedrooms, bathroom and entry space. Housing is within easy walking distance to CCM and to dining services. Once you are accepted, we’ll send you a link to book your housing, along with more info.

All housing has on-site coin laundry, and linens (towels, sheets, blanket, pillow) can be provided upon request. The dorm rooms come equipped with a mini-fridge and a microwave.

If you want to use the Campus Rec Center (which, by the way is a stunning, 17,000 square foot facility right by CCM, complete with rock climbing and multiple pools) you can request it–at an additional cost for which you’re responsible–when you book your housing.

Please note that availability of private rooms is contingent on access to certain dorms.

What about getting off campus on the weekend?

There is lots to do in Cincinnati, especially in the summer. We encourage you to get out and see what our city has to offer. Cincinnati has Uber and Lyft, and UC-CCM also has a Zipcar program. There is also a bus/metro system and a streetcar, as well as several taxi companies.

Additionally, there is usually at least one free off-campus event/outing planned for students during the festival. Transportation will be provided for these types of events. Full details will be emailed out after you arrive in Cincinnati.

What are the practice facilities like?

CCM become an all-Steinway school in 2010. You will have access to approximately 20 dedicated Steinway concert grand pianos (in locked rooms), along with the other pianos in the non-piano major practice rooms.

How many times will I get to play?

You’ll play in 3 masterclasses + student recitals.

Are there live auditions?

No, all auditions and applications are online.

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