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Project Description

Studying with Professor Jerome Lowenthal, Anran Qian is a current third year pianist in The Juilliard School. Born in China in 1995, she studied piano under Professor Xuemiao Hu and Meiai Xie. In 2006, she won the first prize in Group C of the “Shulei Cup” Piano Competition held in Wuhan. The following year, she entered the middle school attached to the Wuhan Conservatory of Music, studying with Jie Bao. In 2011, she was admitted to the middle school attached to the Shanghai Conservatory as a student of Dr. Cheung-yu Mo. In 2011, she won second prize in the Omille Piano Competition. In 2013, she won the third prize in Youth Group A in the Shanghai area of Imola International Summer Piano Festival & Imola International Piano Competition, and third Place in the Cooper Piano Festival Competition in Oberlin, USA. During her school years, she participated in master classes given by Gary Graffman, Fou T’song, Mengjie Liu, pedagogue Teng Hong, and British musicologist John Rink, where she was praised for her performance. Over the years, she has performed in Wuhan, Suzhou, Shanghai, and New York.