Are there any other costs I should know about?

You will need money for:

  • food (more on that here)
  • getting off campus, if you want to
  • a practice room key deposit (payable in advance via credit card, and refunded when/if you return your key)
  • getting to campus/back to the airport (more on that here)
  • access to the Rec Center (app. $10/week – you pay/reserve when you book your housing)
  • parking, if you’re driving to the festival (contact us if this is the case – parking fees vary wildly and we can help you get a cheaper pass)
  • getting yourself to Cincinnati/CCM, however that may be

Important: we only pay for your housing when you are actively participating/on campus.  If you leave campus overnight during the festival (to play a gig, for example), you’ll either need to check out of your housing, or pay for those nights out of your own pocket.